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The Focus of Our Efforts

Multi ethnic group of young women hugging outside - Happy girlsfriends having fun laughing
Support Group

Helping Those Who Need Us 

Besides monthly workshops we also have 2 main programs.

EmpowerHER Program:

EmpowerHER is dedicated to uplifting women by providing them with the tools and support they need to build a confident, self-sufficient, and fulfilling life. Our holistic approach integrates skill development, job placement assistance, health and wellness, positive thinking, and spiritual growth. Click here for more info.

Unity: A Ceremonial Cacao Experience

Unity is a unique ceremonial cacao experience designed to bring people together in a meaningful and spiritually enriching way. This event offers a sacred space where participants can connect deeply with themselves and with each other through the ancient tradition of cacao ceremonies. Click here for more info. 


The Future Looks Bright with your help. 

We are looking for people with kind hearts who want to make a massive impact to help with community.

If you have:

  • time to volunteer at a workshop or retreat

  • time to lead a position

  • time for a couple hours a week

  • a gift to share

  • wisdom to pass down

  • proceeds to donate

They will all assist in changing a life.  Contact us to join our family of helping millions of people. 


Contact us if you are interested in making a difference. 

Contact us to volunteer or click here to DONATE


Give back when you can


We are dedicated to empowering aspiring entrepreneurs who have been impacted by our workshops by guiding them on a journey of self-discovery to unearth their passions.  They transmute their sufferings to healing and clarity from the experience into then being of service.  Through our programs, we provide the tools and support needed to turn those passions into tangible ventures. What sets us apart is our commitment to giving back to the community. Our non profit co-creates workshops where these budding entrepreneurs can not only learn more about themselves and their gifts but also contribute meaningfully back to their community.  If you have a gift or something you'd like to share to community and don't know where to begin, contact us to assist you and we will help in any way we can.

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